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Philadelphia Garage Doors | Our Opinion on this Screw Drive Opener

It’s no secret that we’re big fans of screw drive garage door openers–  They’re efficient, they’re relatively quiet, they work hard, they’re durable, and most of all, with all that they have going for them, they don’t break the bank!  We had someone call in recently asking if we knew anything about one particular opener, and it turns out we like it, so I thought I’d share it with you:

Genie Excelerator Garage Door Opener

It’s the Genie Excelerator II 1500–  It’s a direct screw drive opener with a 1 HP motor that gives it a superior opening / closing speed compared to other garage door openers.  With built in security and safety features, and fob remotes (with HomeLink connectivity), it’s an excellent option for the budget minded homeowner!

Philadelphia Garage Doors | Garage Door Track Alignment

Has your garage door run off track? Pun intended. It is sort of an odd thing to think about the garage door track. But if your garage door isn’t aligned exactly right on the track it can cause a lot of problems. The door even being slightly off track can cause other parts of the door to work harder which will make them wear out sooner. It can also be dangerous in certain circumstances. It is not an easy task to align your garage door and you should most definitely hire a professional to assist. They will be able to align the door with precision and will do it quickly and safely. If your door seems to be off track give us a call!

Philadelphia Garage Doors | Sagging Springs

If you are looking up what to do if your garage door has sagging springs then you are certainly in need of a garage door technician. You should definitely try not to use the garage door until someone can come out and take a look at the door and springs. When the springs start to sag it can become very dangerous to operate the door because it means that the spring might be on the verge of snapping, and if it snaps the whole door will fall. This is so dangerous we honestly wouldn’t recommend using the door at all until you can have someone out to replace the sagging springs. Your safety isn’t worth waiting!

Philadelphia Garage Doors | 2 Common Types of Openers

I was about to start writing this blog in a way that reminded me of a Carl’s Jr. commercial. . .  I was going to start by saying, “There’s more than 1 type of garage door opener.”

Which is true.  There is.  Most people are aware that they have some choice in style of opener when they’re shopping for a new garage door opener (or a replacement); but what most people don’t know is what the different options are and what they mean to you.  So let’s go over them:

  • Chain Drive Opener – This is the most economical, most common, and loudest.  Not much can be said for this except that it’s operated by a chain mechanism.
  • Belt Drive Opener – This is quickly becoming a fan favorite of all homeowners since it’s the step up from the chain drive–  It offers the reliability and ease of use of the chain drive opener for a relatively low upgrade price, while also being exponentially quieter.

Both of these types are offered and service by nearly every garage door opener company, including Philadelphia Garage Doors.  The question is, which do you want?

Philadelphia Garage Doors | Do I want the “Rolling Code”?

I don’t know, do you want to be safe?  I’m not sure, do you want to not get burgled?

Every so often, a customer will ask a question that to me seems like such a no brainer that I can’t figure out why they’re asking it.  But then I realize that they don’t know all of the information I do.  I’m sure I sound a little silly when I ask my doctor basic questions, so I should have a bit of compassion for these questions.

I digress.  Rolling code is a system of security for your garage door opener that makes it so that your opener’s code changes constantly so that hackers can’t break into your garage to get into your home / garage.  This is very important in today’s society when thieves are employing even more sophisticated techniques to try and get through to you.

So by installing this technology with your garage door opener, you keep yourself safe!  Now ask if you want rolling code!   😉

Philadelphia Garage Doors | Same Day Service vs. Scheduled Service

If you’re shopping around for a garage door repair company, you have some important decisions to make–  Like, should you choose a garage door company that only schedules services vs. one that can be out the same day to fix your issue right away.

Let’s look at the Pros and Cons of same day service–


  • Great that you don’t have to wait.
  • You don’t have to leave your home looking ratty or being unsecured for extended periods of time.
  • You get a company that actually values your time.

Now let’s look at the Cons. . .  Although, come to think of it, there are no cons.

So, I think we figured out what you should look for in a garage door company!

Philadelphia Garage Doors | What to do when there’s trouble

Here’s a fun pop quiz for you:  What should you do at the first weird noise, or issue with your garage door?

  • A)  Do nothing–  Your garage door is just being a little whiny.
  • B)  Panic!  Throw your arms in the air while running around in circles screaming.
  • C)  Yell at it– Negative reinforcement fixes everything!
  • D)  Call Philadelphia Garage Doors.
  • E)  All of the above.

Now, I can’t speak for anyone, because I know the world is very diverse, and people have different reactions to everything. . .  But, really, the correct answer is to call a qualified garage door repair company like Philadelphia Garage Doors immediately.  Why?

Because that weird noise may be something minor that will lead to something major.  What do you think is a cheaper and quicker repair:  Some small issue, or a catastrophic issue?

Plus, garage doors have feelings too, so you shouldn’t yell at them!

Philadelphia Garage Doors | The Right Way to do Spring Replacement

Believe it or not, there is a right way to go about garage door spring replacement. . .

And no, we’re not talking about choosing Philadelphia Garage Doors–  While we agree that it’s the smart thing to do, we aren’t prejudice.  You may try other garage door companies, though be warned that they usually pale in comparison.

I digress.  Here’s the right way to do garage door spring replacement:  Replace both springs at the same time.

Now, I know what you’re thinking:  That’s just a money grab!  It’s not, though. . .   In fact, it will save you money in the long run.  Springs wear at the same rate, so if one fails, the other will likely follow.  I can’t speak for the other spring companies, but I can tell you we give you a deal when you replace both, so not only are you saving money, but you’re saving the hassle of a second appointment down the road.

See–  There’s a right way to do this.

Philadelphia Garage Doors | “When do you guys open tomorrow?”

When browsing around garage door repair companies websites, you may notice that many of the companies list business hours, and if you compare our website to theirs, our business hours are strangely absent.

Well, we did that on purpose.  You may be asking yourself, “But why would you intentionally not list business hours lol?”  Well, for one very important reason:

We don’t have business hours, because we are always open.  This is why we sometimes chuckle when customers call in asking “What time do you open tomorrow?”  Sometimes I like to respond with, “Well, we opened over a decade ago, and haven’t close yet. . .”

So no matter what time you need garage door services, you can count on us being there!

Philadelphia Garage Doors | Just cause there’s an app, do you need it?

We have had many customers ask us if they think a smart garage door opener that can be operated with a phone app is the way of the future. . .  It is, but we’re not sure if the future is ready for it.   Here’s why:

Those same customers ask us if they should get one, and we usually ask them if they’re currently dissatisifed with their garage door remotes, and / or if they are 100% attached to their phone.  If they answer yes to either of those, then of course, go with a smart garage door opener and use an app to operate it!

But if you’re still okay with your remote, or if you don’t live life looking at a four inch screen, it may not be worth it for you.  While it would be nice if you spent the money with us to upgrade, we only want what will make you happy!

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