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Philadelphia Garage Doors | 2 Common Types of Openers

I was about to start writing this blog in a way that reminded me of a Carl’s Jr. commercial. . .  I was going to start by saying, “There’s more than 1 type of garage door opener.”

Which is true.  There is.  Most people are aware that they have some choice in style of opener when they’re shopping for a new garage door opener (or a replacement); but what most people don’t know is what the different options are and what they mean to you.  So let’s go over them:

  • Chain Drive Opener – This is the most economical, most common, and loudest.  Not much can be said for this except that it’s operated by a chain mechanism.
  • Belt Drive Opener – This is quickly becoming a fan favorite of all homeowners since it’s the step up from the chain drive–  It offers the reliability and ease of use of the chain drive opener for a relatively low upgrade price, while also being exponentially quieter.

Both of these types are offered and service by nearly every garage door opener company, including Philadelphia Garage Doors.  The question is, which do you want?

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