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Philadelphia Garage Doors | What to do when there’s trouble

Here’s a fun pop quiz for you:  What should you do at the first weird noise, or issue with your garage door?

  • A)  Do nothing–  Your garage door is just being a little whiny.
  • B)  Panic!  Throw your arms in the air while running around in circles screaming.
  • C)  Yell at it– Negative reinforcement fixes everything!
  • D)  Call Philadelphia Garage Doors.
  • E)  All of the above.

Now, I can’t speak for anyone, because I know the world is very diverse, and people have different reactions to everything. . .  But, really, the correct answer is to call a qualified garage door repair company like Philadelphia Garage Doors immediately.  Why?

Because that weird noise may be something minor that will lead to something major.  What do you think is a cheaper and quicker repair:  Some small issue, or a catastrophic issue?

Plus, garage doors have feelings too, so you shouldn’t yell at them!

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